Jun 192016

Linda’s e-bike failed to work properly so we are sending it back and have decided to continue our bike rides on new Trek bicycles. Today we rode on the local bike paths and loved the bikes. They are SO MUCH lighter than the e-bikes, easier to handle and actually easy to pedal. Looking forward to getting in shape enough to travel to remote bike paths.

xP1010990 xP1010991


May 232016
xP1010975 Here is an overall picture of the bike with the “tourist” handle bars and Topeak rack/bag.  The rack and bag have now been removed – declared too heavy.  I am searching for a lightweight rack that does not attach to the seat post.  To put the bike on a hitch type rack (on the back of the car) I will remove the seat and battery to keep weight down.


The tires are a good compromise between low rolling resistance and comfort/shock absorbing.

More information at: http://dhowe.com/blog/?page_id=3260

May 122016



Jul 042015


Apr 222015

We redid the front yard with Xeriscape. Lots of drip – drought resistant plants.

Click on picture for a larger version

xKoster5 xKoster2 xKoster3 xKoster4



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