Dave & Linda's Travel/adventure Journal

  December,  2011
  Arbuckle adventures
  Getting to know Dave's new horse       the BLOG
  Christmas eve in Arbuckle
  November,  2011
  New horse for Dave & Fall Horseback rides
  Colusa Craft Fair
  Arbuckle visits.


  October,  2011
  Scotts Seafood, Horse shopping, new horse
  New camera FZ-150, A visit with Charmaine in Pilot Hill
  Yocha Dehe & Toyota trial, Horses on the levee


  September,  2011

  Dinner at the Brickhouse
  Horseback riding
         without Dave (still healing from shoulder surgery)

  August,  2011
  Dave gets his shoulder fixed
  Trips to Arbuckle and colusa

  July,  2011
  Summer drives
  A celebration.


  June,  2011
  Fort Bragg with Becky and Matt
  Folsom Lake


  May,  2011
  Bike race, Big Trees, Diablo.
  Crab Shack.  We ride a painted horse.
  Bear Valley.

  April,  2011
  foothill flowers
Mare Island photo shoot
  Shane and Chelsea ride horses


  March,  2011
  A sad loss as Dad passed away on the 31st.
  My birthday & a nice visit with Mom and Dad.
  A dash to Bakersfield to see a horse
  Ricotti road trip

  February,  2011
  A quick trip to Fort Bragg.
  A video of horse play.

  January,  2011
  Snapshots with the new camera
  Dinner with friends
  SNOW in Arbuckle on new years day.

  December,  2010
 Christmas in Arbuckle, Snow on the FIRST
 Shopping in Eldorado
 Nevada City Victorian Christmas

  November,  2010

  Thanksgiving at the Rill
  The road to Timbuctoo
  Truck fail - New truck - trail ride at Vino Farms

  October,  2010
  De-spook, pizza and a movie, then a SPOOK party.
  "In The Mood" Kindegarden reunion, Rumsey bridge.
  Kings, horses, rides in "Ladybug" and green men.

  September,  2010
  Road trip to visit Charmaine in Pilot Hill
  A horse race, Ice cream river run, Rankin's corner
  A new horse trailer.


  August,  2010

  A road trip - photo safari to the Animal Ark.
  Horses on the Mokelumne, Golf in Arbuckle


  July,  2010
  Our TREE at the golf course
  Picking berries at the horse ranch.
  Riding horses before going for a ride in "Ladybug"

  June,  2010
  Leo pays a visit to the horses
  Road trips: Mount Diablo, Mt Tam, Muir Woods
  Playing with horses, Photo contest
  A new fence.

  May,  2010
  A road trip along the Sacramento river.
  Playing with our horses on the pedestal
  The Sacramento Jazz Festival
Some gratuitous driving
  April,  2010
  Easter gathering in Arbuckle.  Spring rides on the horses.
  We get a new red sports car.
  A road trip to celebrate Mom and Dad's 67th anniversary.

  March,  2010
  Escape from the island, home at last.
  Happy 65th birthday to me (Dave).
  Redbud road trip.

  February,  2010
  Unexpected trip to Hawaii.
  Hanging out together.

January,  2010
  SKYPE to Hawaii, Snow mountain.
  Surviving the WET!
  Bonfires at the ranch.


December,  2009
  Folsom, Feeding the horses at the Horse ranch
  A road trip to Jackson & Sutter Creek
  New years party at the horse ranch


November,  2009
  Thanksgiving in Arbuckle with the Livingstons
  GOLF   Dad & Dave take a road trip
  The meandering Mokelumne
  New gutters for the house
  Laptop computers       more

Octoberer,  2009
  Rain storm
  Family in Arbuckle
  Pumpkin picking at the horse ranch
  Apple Hill       more

September,  2009
  Pacific Grove/Monterey road trip
  Horse driving show


August,  2009
  A visit to the State fair
  Golf in Arbuckle
  Horseback rides daily


July,  2009
  Horseback rides
  Gourds in Arbuckle
  Half Moon Bay road trip


JUNE 2009
  The Yosemite photo is placed on the wall of fame. 
  A Road Trip to Sea Ranch   
  Dad and Dave go for a drive


May,  2009
  Arbuckle for Mothers Day
  Road trip to Yosemite
  Sacramento JAZZ Festival


  APRIL 2009
  Samples from a new camera
  Easter & a midnight visit in Woodland
  The garden gets started, Linda crafts bridles      

   March,  2009; Rainy day hijinks.    
Dave's photographic slide show HERE
  A new saddle and great trail ride.
  Bucky ball.
A recommended movie
Sita sings the blues
Reference material for movie
   February,  2009     

  Rainy day projects and sunny day rides.
  Ranch BBQ.  Dave builds a server (computer).
   January,  2009     

  We gather the family in Arbuckle.
  Beautiful horses, bright sunny days.
  Ken Hall's 80th birthday party. 
  Dave & Linda take a January horseback ride      
   December,  2008; 25th Anniversary!    
After much discussion we decided to take a short trip to 
  Monterey/Pacific Grove to celebrate our 25th wedding


                  A winter horseback ride             Christmas in Arbuckle   more
   November,  2008;     
   Halloween party in November
   A road trip to Lake Tahoe.
   Thanksgiving at the Rill
Important invention.
   October,  2008; The horses get a new home.    

   We move the horses to a new facility.
    A new roof and a road trip.    more   
   September,  2008; Trail ride, road trip and BIRTHDAY PARTY.    

   September began with taking the horses for a trail ride.
   The BIG event was Leo Howe's 90th birthday.    more   
August,  2008;       
  A ROAD TRIP to Southern California
  A visit to the State Fair.
  We hang out at the ranch.  

   July 2008, Celebrating  Unity
  The Tracy / Bish wedding at Monan's Rill, CA.    more          Tracytree.COM

      Tango takes his
      first drive
horse    Cross Country  
June,  2008; Action.    
June 15-18, 2008. We join Becky (Linda's sister) and Matt (her significant other) for a vacation in Fort Bragg. We visited Noyo harbor, the Mendocino Botanical gardens and all the various sites in between.  
Click HERE for a slide show of the pictures (go then select "slide show" from upper right corner).  
         Click HERE to go to the journal description.      
May,  2008;  Linda takes a lesson, Dave and Linda plant a garden.     

May began with horses and tomatoes.
  After some horseback riding we travel to Arbuckle for the pork (Carnitas) cook off.
APRIL 2008, Fun with horses, Celebration in Pacific Grove

The family celebrates Leo & Mary Lou's 65th anniversary in Pacific Grove.

Riding our horses continues to be FUN.
March,  2008; Marching on:    

March is for mowers!  I never thought I's be happy to have a lawn mower refuse to run.  I bought what was supposed to be a super mower four years ago (I've bought cars for less).
February,  2008      (under construction)
February marked our relocation to our friend Anita Dayton's KISS Horse Center. We will enjoy the wide open spaces and Anita's help in getting the most out of our horses.  
                        To the journal        

   The year began with the delivery of Tango RIGHT before the big storm that knocked out electricity to so much of Northern California, including Elk Grove.    more
December 30,  2007; Dave's new horse     When Linda and I gave up horseback riding, five years or so ago, we thought we'd never be back.  NOW that we are both retired we discovered we had a desire to take up the sport again.  So, I bought a horse from a town in the Mojave Desert (Hesperia, CA).  The horse had no name so the kids were calling him "Bayo" (Spanish for buckskin).
You could say we went to the desert & bought a horse with no name.     More
December 9,  2007; Mexico vacation

Ahhha, sweet Mexico; our home away from home.  We flew out of Sacramento on December 9th and arrived in Mexico in time for lunch.  The weather was warm (kind of like a welcome hug).    To the journal         To the scrapbook
December 6,  2007 - Selling sailing

December 6:  After only a few months of sail boat ownership we decided to sell the boat.  On Tuesday I met with a prospective buyer and we    more
November 25,  2007; Dave goes flying

  Linda's brother Walt has been telling us about how much he enjoys flying so I thought I'd give it a try.  Unlike Walt, who studied and practiced before flying I thought I'd just buy a plane and teach myself to fly.  After some taxi sessions I decided to cruise the skys above Elk Grove.     more
November 22,  2007; Thanksgiving at Monan's Rill

Leo and Mary Lou joined Linda and I for a senic drive South West along highway 128, Putah creek and Lake Berryessa - to Monan's Rill.  Once at the Rill we joined Josh and BranDee for a Thanksgiving feast.     more
November 21,  2007; 5,000 miles to Nevada City

Our friends Peter and Enys Davies from Denbigh, Wales, (UK) were visiting California so we met them in Roseville and set out for an adventure. After some discussion    more
November 2007.
October 2007.
September 2007.

Boat log
August - Canoe Capers.
8/9/07 Messing about.
8/3/07 Antioch to Bruno's.
8/2/07 Martinez to Antioch.
8/1/07 Berkeley to Martinez.
7/28/07 Planning & prep.
7/24/07 Exciting sail
7/23/07 Bruno's Island.
7/20/07 South SF to Berkeley
7/17 & 19/07 Scrub a dub dub!
7/14/07 Polar Star
6 & 7/07 Which boat?

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