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April 2008

Mom writes . . .

   For a number of years Leo and I have taken turns selecting the destination of our anniversary celebration.  This was my year to make the decision and I felt Pacific Grove would be the perfect place since we began our married life there 65 years ago.  Also, it was my wish to share this special weekend with our family,  David and Linda and Peter and Janine. 
   We all met at the Lover’s Point Inn Friday afternoon and were given adjoining rooms on the third floor overlooking Monterey Bay. 

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Fish Wife Restaurant

After dinner we drove to 313 First Street where we lived for the first 8 or 9 months of our married life.  After obtaining permission from the current resident, David took pictures of us in the doorway of the duplex. 

Appropriately Pacific Grove had a “Good Old Days” celebration on Saturday with a parade, craft fair, and entertainment in the downtown area.  We all watched the parade, then spent some time exploring the exhibits & checking out a couple of galleries.  After lunch everyone had time to enjoy the day in different ways…David and Linda on their bikes, Peter and Janine with a road trip adventure, time to watch the Masters Golf tournament,  and a special walk in the park by the Bay.   Peter purchased a Tibetan singing bowl and some of us had a turn at making it “sing”.  We ended the evening with another champagne toast, this time in Dick’s memory, along with the favorite boysenberry pie.
Back at the inn we shared a champagne toast and shared memories of our life together in those early years.

This weekend will go down in my memory book as a wish come true! 

   Click here to hear Tango talk.                                                        Having fun with horses.

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April 2008