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August 2010

  Around the end of August we decided to not change barns at the ranch - but to buy a shed and stay in barn nine.  We were fortunate to find a plastic shed on Craigslist.  We loaded it into the horse trailer and set it up behind the porta potty where it would be out of the way.  The shed snapped together like a giant Lego set.  Inside we added some peg board and a set of drawers, then all of our tack from out of the horse trailer.  It turned out to be a really nice tack room and we are the envy of the entire ranch.

Bucky can't wait for his drive.

A drive to Walnut Grove.

For Ice cream & a full moon.

Dos Coyotes.

A drive to Latrob on the back roads.

Across the Cosumnes River.

Miles of dirt road in front

and behind.
Saturday August 21 we drove to Martinez to watch some friends compete in a horse trail trials.  I took a short video.

The photo club arranged for us to visit the Animal Ark (just north of Reno) to photograph the Cheetahs run.  Linda and I loaded into Ladybug and, after lunch in a casino in Reno, we arrived early enough to visit all the animals in the park.  They didn't mention that the park was down about four miles of dirt road - but we managed anyway.  There are a LOT more pictures from our visit here.

After the park closed our group of photographers gathered to watch the cheetahs run.  The park believes the big cats need to run periodically in order to stay healthy.  We gathered in a big field - and the photographers stood behind a three foot tall chain link fence.  They cautioned us to stay stil because the cats are so focused on chasing the "bait" that they won't notice us (unless we move or make a noise).  The cats ran from left to right about 60 feet away then turned and came within about fifteen feet from the group - VERY FAST, from right to left.  Be sure to look at the rest of the pictures here.  While I shot with the DSLR Linda managed to get some video; here.

A slide show of pictures from the photo club is available HERE.


Janine, mom, dad and I after a round of golf.
Arbuckle golf club.
August of this year treated us with some extraordinary weather.  Linda and I enjoyed the cool days with a horseback ride along the Mokelumne River.  The complete August snapshots are here.


Click on pictures to see a large version.
August 2010
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