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December 6:  After only a few months of sail boat ownership we decided to sell the boat.  On Tuesday I met with a prospective buyer and we agreed on a deal.  Today I had to move the boat to the boat yard so it could be inspected by a surveyor (boat expert).

Of course, as luck would have it, it was raining.  Linda pushed me off from the dock so I could motor around the island while she walked across.  It was actually kind of enjoyable. This shot is on the "other" side as I was slowing down for the dock.

Just for fun I'll include a few pictures of the boat and our time together.
We bought the boat in July, 2007, from a couple of men who had owned her for five or six years. The boat was in Brisbane, which is in the South end of San Francisco bay. A week later our first trip was across the bay to the Berkeley marina where we were going to stay for a month; to enjoy sailing in the bay.  I had to review a few things about how to sail, then we set out for a nice day on the water. 

We only stayed in Berkeley for two weeks.  The traffic was just unbearable.  We decided to go ahead and move the boat to Bruno's Island, in the delta.  The first stop along the way would be the Martinez marina where we would leave the boat for the night before heading up the delta.  We discovered Martinez to be a really nice town.  Of course we visited the John Muir mansion before heading out for the Antioch marina.  Coming out of Martinez was exciting because the keel grounded and Linda had to bounce the boat up and down while I gunned the engine to get us through the mud.

The Antioch marina was pleasant, but shuffling cars back and forth got mighty old.  We would be glad to get the trip over with.  We left the marina early but discovered that the wind made it hard to turn the boat inside the confines of the marina - so we had to back out.  The maneuver was successful but embarrassing.  During the journey we didn't realize the outboard would slow the water output after it was warm.  We thought something might be wrong so we shut the engine off.  We sailed the last ten miles or so under VERY light winds - and we sailed right into our slip.  It turned out the engine was fine.

Once at Bruno's we had a tranquil couple of months sailing and canoeing about. The boat sale was finalized on December 7th.  

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