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December 2009

  December 31, 2009

A few friends gathered together at the ranch on New Year's eve to celebrate and to eat smores.  There was an overcast sky but the blue moon shone through just enough to make it special.  The evening was surprisingly warm - but the fire was very welcome.  There was coffee, hot chocolate and cider as well as chilly dogs.  I found the evening to be a MOST welcome way to celebrate the new year.   
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The next morning Linda and I welcomed in the new year with a trail ride.  It rained a little just after we finished.  There are more pictures of the evening events in the January ranch scrapbook

December 19, 2009
The skys have hidden the sun for too many days in a row - so we decided to take a road trip towards Jackson.  At Ione we stopped so I could take a picture of the Preston "castle".  The sun broke through the clouds just before Jackson so we enjoyed a great day of shopping and a lunch at Mel's Diner..

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On the way home we stopped at Sutter creek where we chanced on the yearly crafts fair.  Then it was on towards home - after a stop to feed the horses a carrot or two (of course).

December 9, 2009
John and Carol, the owners of the horse ranch, got a chance to have a day away from the ranch - so right after the morning feeding he handed the keys to the Kobota to Linda and left her to watch the ranch while they were away.  We were surprised at the thickness of the ice in the horse water traughs.  When we turned our horses out Zany spooked (ran away) at the ice - while Tango went right up to it and took a bite.

Later in the day we met Charmaine and Lorie at the Friesian Forrest and proceeded to get the horses into the Christmas spirit.

There are more Friesian pictures at:
The gang gathered together to feed all the horses.  It was a COLD evening but the time really flew by as we all had a lot of fun (even Santa).

There are more pictures in the ranch's December scrapbook.

December 5, 2009

The first Saturday of every month we meet other horseback riders for an informal BBQ at the Mokelumne River Ranch.  This was one of the coldest Saturdays on record but we built a fire and enjoyed hamburgers with friends.


December 3, 2009

We had a hankering for the sun shine so we headed up the hill (up highway 50), maybe to Apple Hill.  The sun was out by the time we got to Folsom so we decided to do some Christmas shopping there.  Linda found a one hundred year old "Happy Birthday" postcard for her sister Becky (Becky collects old postcards).  After wandering up and down the streets we paid a visit to one of our favorite mexican resturants.

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December 2009
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