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January 2008

The year began with the delivery of Tango RIGHT before the big storm that knocked out electricity to so much of Northern California, including Elk Grove.

When Dave purchased Tango we had only vague ideas of how to actually get him to Wilton.  Epona Farms owner Triona Watson brokered a deal with one of her boarders to fetch him up from Hesperia.  The wait was agonizing as the sky got cloudy and the wind began to blow.  Around 5:00 pm the open stock trailer pulled into the drive and Tango stepped eagerly onto the pavement, only a little dizzy from his 9 hours in the wind.  He was amazingly calm and declined to run, buck or kick when turned out.  

             Tango's stall                                Exercise
Dave put him into his stall where he rolled luxuriously and rattled his feed bucket expectantly. We left him exploring his new living quarters and headed home to batten down the hatches for the storm.

Jan 4, 8:00 am. The electricity went off and didn't come back until around 3:00 pm. We listened to the battery powered radio and thought better of venturing out into the dangerous streets. Trees and branches had fallen, there were reports of flying trampolines, traffic lights were out and some streets were flooded. Wind was clocked at 69 mph in open areas and we watched our redwood trees snapping around and losing branches into the park. Dave's parents in Arbuckle didn't get electricity for five days. They had friends in town who were lucky enough to have power and were able to spend some of the time in the heat and light.

      Video of Tango movement

Jan 5th - 12th- Getting to know Tango has been fun. He let himself out of his stall on that first stormy night and went visiting around the ranch. Triona said he was easy to catch and didn't get out again after she fixed the loose corral panel. Dave has been riding and doing ground work and came up against a problem. Tango won't trot under saddle. He will trot when he's turned out or on the lounge line but not when he has a rider on. The gait he uses is sort of a lateral shuffle. Hmmm. More work ahead.

Jan 13th.
Dave found a truck and trailer for cheap on Craigslist. We drove out to Rio Linda and Roseville and bought them. The truck needed a "little" work as did the trailer but after a week of running around to dealers, brake places, DMV, back to Rio Linda for a missed signature, horse trailer dealer and home for installation of saddle racks (homemade) we are ready to haul.

It's off to a new adventure at the end of the month. Our old friend and trainer, Anita Dayton has agreed to take Tango on to encourage a trot and more forward movement. She also has a horse for Linda to lease so everyone will be mounted and hopefully moving forward.