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March 2008

March is for mowers!  I never thought I's be happy to have a lawn mower refuse to run.  I bought what was supposed to be a super mower four years ago (I've bought cars for less).  It has been trouble ever since.  When it wouldn't run this year I decided to replace it with an electric one.

I did a google for electric lawn mowers and discovered that the one sold by Wal-Mart and Lowes was rated at the top.

So far I am very pleased.

Although this picture is from a previous outting - the famous foursome played golf on Tuesday. The day was about as perfect as can be ordered up and occasionally we hit a good shot or two.

Instead of keeping score we use the smiley face method.  If ANY of your shots on a hole are good (by your own standards) we put a smiley face on the (sometimes mental) scorecard.

 Thursday, March 13th.  After an early Bucky walk, we took off for Arbuckle and a Cache Creek Casino visit.  Bub and MaryLou were ready and we made our first stop in Williams.  The main street was blocked off but our intrepid locals steered us around through the neighborhood and to our first stop of the day, the Sacramento Valley Museum.  It is located on highway 20 and just happens to be MaryLou's alma mater.  She wanted to show us the quilt exhibit, quite of few of which were made by her first grade teacher.  The building itself is the old Williams High School and MaryLou was an enthusiastic tour guide pointing out the auditorium, stage and various classrooms that had been used for history, English, commercial studies and gym. 

She showed us her graduation picture along with photos of her brother Don and sister Georgia.  Bub knew what most of the puzzling historical gadgets were used for and proudly pointed out the "Howe and Son" barber shop advertisement painted on the College City theater stage curtain.  Before leaving the docent informed us that a brief case had been abandoned outside the Post Office prompting local law enforcement to cordon off the down town area. 

We headed west on Highway 20 to the Cache Creek turnoff and enjoyed the wildflowers and redbud that was blooming.  The casino was profitable for some and the stay was short.  We ate lunch at a burger joint in Esparto and took the back roads on our return to Arbuckle. 

Bub was unerring in his directions, even though some in the car were muttering and shaking their heads.  His sense of direction over the gravel roads and through the stream fords got us home and gave us a wonderful view of the springtime countryside.

A couple of pictures of the horses.

Zany's scrapbook.

Friday, March 21 we set out for a road trip to celebrate Dave's birthday. We decided to drive north through Bear Valley and head towards Stony Ford.  The road turned to dirt just above the turn-off from highway 20.  After about fifteen minutes we got to the sign for Wilbur Hot Springs.  Click on the link to see their web site.

Since none of us remembered ever being there we took a side trip.  Once there we met Meg in the office and she volunteered to give us a guided tour. (Thanks a million Meg.) The place is quite remarkable, as you can see from the pictures.  There are no pictures of the springs themselves because there were naked people in them.

After our visit at Wilber Springs we continued north to the town of Ladoga, then East to Maxwell for lunch.

Easter in Colusa. Click on the picture on the left to go to a small scrapbook with pictures. If you have additional pictures please email them to me so I can include them.
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March 2008