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May 2008

May 29

Born yesterday.

Linda starts to teach Zany to drive.

We have a harness on order but Zany has been so good Linda decided to give him a head start.  

On the way to the ranch the other day we spotted a sign for a barn sale.  We stopped to take a peak and discovered some interesting tack with silver embelishment.  The prices were too good to pass up so we bought a whole bunch of bridles and halters.  We were extremely pleased when the bridle Tango is wearing (on the left) sold on eBay for enough to pay for the whole lot.  I am especially happy with my new romal reins.

Mothers Day was an opportunity for the Howe's to have champaign brunch at the Maxwell Inn.  Janine surprised us all by arriving at the last minute.  After brunch we boarded a carriage for a ride around Maxwell, then to Arbuckle to watch the Players golf tournament.  

We sat right next to a table full of famous ladies from Arbuckle.

Our almost regular Tuesday golf game.
May 13, 2008.

On the right Janine models her new golf outfit.

The amazing INTERNET.
Many things on the internet get saved someplace.  If you want to look up something you saw on a web page in 2004 or earlier you can go to the Internet Archive.  Just enter the web site and the date you want and you will see it the way it was.  Try         Amazing.  

Live concerts that have been recorded and are in the public domain are available on the archive.

The garden is coming along nicely.  The farmyard animals watch it closely.  The chicken and her friends leave us offerings so we will leave the gate open and they can get the lady bugs.  Evidently different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs; we're learning something new every day!  The cat watches for rodents.  Bucky has learned not to chase the ranch cats - they aren't afraid one bit.

Our good friend Adam came out and gave our boys new shoes.  What a job, bent over all day holding up horses feet.  We've known Adam for nearly twenty years now.  He is a very talented farrier and for a while some horse owners flew him to Guatamala every six weeks to shoe their olympic horses.  These days he sticks to local horses.  He still seems to always have wild stories to tell.

May 4th and we're in Arbuckle for the Carnitas cookoff.

Linda, Leo and Mary Lou load their plates and wait for Dave (the photographer) to join them.  Leo & MaryLou's next door neighbor joined us for a baby picture.

Dave zips around the arena on Tango.

I'm hoping Tango will learn the FOXTROT.

On May first - Linda takes a lesson,

while Dave plants the garden (check back in 60 days).

Dave and Linda decided to plant a community garden at the KISS Horse Center and Anita picked out a plot of land. After some digging and a generous portion of aged horse manure the garden was ready for some tomatoes.
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May 2008
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