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November 5:  We gathered up Leo and Mary Lou Howe in Woodland and headed for Cache Creek Indian Casino.  Each month they send each of us a gift of $10 free slot play and we were eager to test our luck.  

The day was delicous for November, sunny and warm.  The drive, as always, was beautiful as we traveled through Capay valley.  The leaves on the trees were a colorful contrast to the beige hills.

We braved the smoke and pushed the buttons.  In about half an hour we had "spent" our combined $40 of free play and wound up with about $44 (without spending a penny of our "real" money).  Then it was off to the Buffet where we spent it all.

The trip home was beautiful. Linda took us for a ride up some side streets and we got a look at some of the valley that we normally don't see.  I think we enjoy the drive more than the casino.

November 13: HORSES ???
  We decided to take horseback riding lessons once a week to get our legs in shape for our Mexico trip.  Epona in Wilton run by Triona Watson was our choice for this venture. She gives many lessons, and runs a day camp for kids. Her horses all seem to be well over 20 years old but are quite spunky.
Dave is doing incredibly well.  He seems able to pick up where we left off four years ago when we got out of horses. I'm going to take a little longer.

November 15: Golf in Arbuckle

The sun was shining in Elk Grove but we were in deep fog as soon as we drove up I5, North across the river.  Once in Arbuckle we loaded up Leo and Mary Lou and headed for the golf course.  The golf course was bright and sunny and we all took off sweaters and jackets before starting out. It was obviously going to be a perfect day. There was only one other group of golfers on the entire course - Denny Watt's group from Woodland.  We let them play through on hole number one while I exchanged our pitiful golf cart for one that would go up hill.  Linda took over duties as caddy, chief photographer and cart driver.  The golf didn't turn out really good, but then we don't keep score so it wasn't too bad.  On one hole Dave hit at least four trees.  

Afterwards we had salads, a roast beef sandwich and a good visit at the Arbuckle Cafe.

November 21: 5000 miles to Nevada City

Our friends Peter and Enys Davies from Denbigh, Wales, (UK) were visiting California so we met them in Roseville at their friend Tom Evans' house. After some discussion the four of us set out for Nevada City.  Dave and Peter vied for most artistic photos while Enys and I sauntered through the shops.  We ate a leisurely lunch at the Country Rose off Broad Street and caught up on each others' activities since we had last met. Pete and Enys are quite the world travelers and their stories of their journeys were entertaining.  After lunch we looked around the town a little, checking out the historical artifacts.  Something made in 1849 is actually fairly recent to folks who live in a town with a medieval castle dominating the center.  Enys was especially interested in a brightly decorated leather jacket that she was sure would embarass the dickens out of her daughter Lowrie.  After much thought, Enys decided that even though the exchange rate made the jacket very reasonable, it would be too much to pack and transport just for the joke factor.  We dropped them off in Roseville and bid our farewells as they continue their whirlwind trip through California.


November 22: Thanksgiving

Leo and Mary Lou joined Linda and I for a senic drive South West along highway 128, Putah creek and Lake Berryessa to Monan's Rill.  We stopped along the way to view the famous Glory Hole.  Once at the Rill we joined Josh and BranDee and family for a Thanksgiving feast.   Joining Josh and BranDee were BranDee's daughter Dolores, her brother Frank, and Janine.  

BranDee gathered up the group for a walk in the woods.  We walked through the native plant garden  before exploring Josh and BranDee's garden behind their house.  Then up and up hill we went for some magnificent vistas.  From the top of the hill you can look West and see the fog at Bodega Bay - backed up against the Coast Range.  Leo and Dolores amused themselves catching grasshopers.  Then we toured the community vegetable garden and Mary Lou picked a few peppers.  

After the hike everyone settled down to turkey dinner, complete with scalloped potatoes and a selection of pies.             NOTE:  click on any picture for a lager version.

November 25: Dave goes flying (sort of)

Linda's brother Walt has been telling us about how much he enjoys flying so I thought I'd give it a try. Unlike Walt, who studied and practiced before flying I thought I'd just buy a plane and teach myself to fly. After some taxi sessions I decided to cruise the skys above Elk Grove.  

NOTE:  click on any picture for a lager version.

I asked Linda to document the flights and I think she did a great job with the pictures.  It is REALLY difficult to focus the camera on a flying airplane.  Of course I made it easy on her by landing quickly.

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