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November 2009

Thanksgiving - November 26, 2009

Peter Livingston brought a little bit of Livingston history to Arbuckle by replicating their family traditional dinner.  He orchestrated and almost single handedly prepared the meal.  For a slide show of all the pictures I took go to:  For the slide show (once there) click on the link in the upper right.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.


November 18, 2009

I was able to spend a day in Arbuckle so Dad and I took a ride around the valley.  We headed to College City where we rode around and eventually got to the old Hotel where he grew up.  It used to be two stories tall but the top story was removed many years ago.  Dad said Grandpa Creque had his harness shop across the street.  Then we drove on towards Knights Landing where we looked at all the fishermen.  Then up to Yuba City, across the river and then down to Grimes before heading back to Arbuckle.


November 10, 2009

The family got together for some golf.  It was great to see Dad able to play - it has been nearly a year since he was able.


The November KIVA loan is going to a young man in Gaza, Palestine; who owns and operates his own barber shop.  His loan (from many Kiva members) will enable him to expand his shop.

I have been working on a new design for this web site ( only to discover that it doesn't work too well with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (which doesn't follow internet standards).  You can look at my development web site for the temporary "new" version.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to switch to the new design because of performance issues.  Oh well, at least I learned some new programming techniques.

My development site is:

The Mokelumne River runs along side the horse ranch and as the colors turn this Fall it is a beautiful, peacefull little river.  We enjoy our rides along its levees.

New gutters!  They roll them out from rolls of steel & shape them right on the spot so they are seamless.  The one for the East side of the house was 44 feet long.

Even the best of computers wear out.  Linda's trusty Toshiba finally stopped working.  We fixed it last summer, but now it is something else.  The good news is that now Linda has a new, trusty sidekick.  After the old one failed Linda decided to NOT store her good stuff on it, so she didn't loose anything this time.

               Good bye old pal.                                                                                     Hello shiny new friend.

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November 2009
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