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October 2009

Every Fall there are humming birds, thick at the ranch.  
Here are some of my favorite snapshots.

Saturday October 31, 2009
For Haloween we had a costume parade and contest at the ranch.  It was the most amazing of any year so far. We had great participation and some unusual and unique costumes.  You can see a complete set of pictures
HERE - the October Mokelumne River Ranch scrap book.  If you go there and click on slide show in the upper right you get (you guessed it) a slide show of all the October pictures.  Here are a few samples.

Tuesday October 13, 2009

The storm blew in with unexpected gusto.  We went to the horses as usual in the morning and turned them out to romp in the indoor - no one else was at the barn.  Then it was time to hold up at home until the rain quit.

In the evening I went out to get the mail and noticed the colorful leaves (on the right).  Then we went to the barn again and laid down clean, dry shavings for our horses.  They were very happy.

Saturday October 3, 2009     A family gathering in Arbuckle.
A family gathering was immediately planned when word was received that Don Hall, along with his daughter, Janet, and her husband, Michael (and their dog, Ginger) would be in Arbuckle for a few days.  On Saturday, October 3, everyone arrived with food in hand and the party began. 
There are 45 pictures available to look at HERE.  
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Attending were nieces Janine with husband, Peter Livingston; Kathleen “Katrinka” Ford; Hjordes Norman, with her husband Jeff and daughters Jessica and Hanna; Dawn Dawson; and nephews Mark Ford and Dave Howe, with his wife, Linda.  Other family members included Florence Uhland; Ruth Ellen Livingston; Gretchen Howe;Kirsten and Sal Montejano and children Jayden, Orion and Trinity.




The gathering was held at the home of Don’s sister, Mary Louise  & her husband Leo “Bub” Howe.   Weather was great, food delicious, and there was much laughter as stories developed about days of yore. 
It was a day to remember!


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Friday evening October 2, 2009

The perfectly practical pumpkin pickers pose with the practically perfect pumpkin pickers as the Photoshopped photographer proudly pops in.
John, Charmaine, Dave, Laurie and Linda.  
Riding in the background you can see Mary and Wendy.


Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fall weather demands a trip to Apple Hill.  We decided to skip riding horses this morning, so we packed Bucky into the car and headed up the highway.  As we pulled out of town we discovered we should have brought the GPS - and an ice chest.  Oh well, we'll manage.  The Fall colors haven't really kicked in yet - probably in a few more days.



The parking lots were only about a quarter full but that seemed to be a LOT of people.  We passed Ables and went straight to Boa Vista and bought a couple of boxes of Red delicious apples.  The horses love them and they go great on our breakfast cerial too.  

Then it was on to Hill Top Ranch where we always enjoy watching the little lake and the apple pealing machine.


On up the road we paid a visit to Lava Cap winery, a favorite of Linda's brother Greg.  The "purple" grapes were still on the vine and there was a truck load of bright green grapes ready for smashing. They were quite impressive with the sunlight shining through.



As usual, you can click on any picture for a larger version.  To see a slide show of all the pictures click HERE.

Click on pictures to see a large version.
October 2009
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