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September 2008

Leo Howe celebrated his 90th birthday September 27th 2008.
Below are a few selected pictures of the party.  
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The band.  

A song.

A crowd.

A dance.
Some stories.  



A good day.

Dave's Snapshots: September 20, 2008

Tango today.  

Tango as he looked when we got him.

Cantering is fun.
Video of bridge.

Linda's Snapshots: September 20, 2008

Dragging a log through the tires.

Along the back fence.

Pretty horse.
Video of bridge.

September 6, 2008      A trail ride at  Mokelumne River Ranch.
We joined about 20 other riders for a trail ride on Saturday.  Our horses jumped into the trailer and things went like clockwork until we were riding along side the train tracks and a freight train came along.  Afterwards Linda said her ride was WAY TOO MUCH FUN and way too exciting (smile).  She survived her spinning and dancing horse, so I guess it turned out OK in the end.  After the ride the owner grilled hamburgers and we visited with the other riders.  At the end of September we plan to move our horses to the Mokelumne River Ranch.  More pictures after the jump.

September7, 2008      Road trip to Calaveras Big Trees.
After our exciting day on the horses we decided it was time for another road trip.  This time we would make it a day trip - so after some discussion we decided to check out San Andreas and the Calaveras Big Trees.  We tried out a new GPS system - and it took us there by way of some very rough and out of the way back roads.  We had an interesting trip and saw some country we weren't expecting, but the GPS system got a failed rating & went back to the store when we got home.

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September 2008
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