Improvements and Repairs


Improvements started with re-leveling the entire mobile home and adding earthquake bracing.

Later we had Robert, our handyman neighbor clean and lay down plastic vapor barrier as well as fortify all the bracing.


The entire east wall was weather damaged so we removed the lap siding and replaced it with treated T-111 type siding.  We were surprised to find plywood under the lap siding.  We installed vapor barrier and then the siding.  Paint was same color as the rest of the house.


The gas line leaked so Kemgas sent a guy.

The shower in the main bathroom leaked – causing a puddle under the home.  Robert managed to repair the leak and install upgraded plumbing.

We removed the old lap siding that was used for skirting – it was weather damaged.


Robert installed composit (plastic) fake brick skirting around the entire home, except for the portion under the deck.


Later Robert and Linda painted the entire home with the same shade of yellow.


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